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  • Sat

    Herbst treatment method

    Grecian Park Hotel - Ayia Napa

    The course is based on 30 years of scientific and clinical work with the Herbst appliance in the treatment of Class II, Division 1 and Division 2 malocclusions. In comparison to functional and multibracket appliances with headgear and/or Class II elastics the Herbst appliance has several advantages: (1) extremely efficient in pre- and postadolescent patient, (2) stimulates mandibular growth, (3) independent of patient cooperation, (4) short teatment period, (5) less extractions of teeth and (6) an alternativ to orthognathic surgery in borderline adult Class II cases.

    Topics of the course:

    · Appliance design and construction
    · Short- and long-term treatment effects on:
    (a) tooth position and occlusion
    (b) mandibular growth
    (c) maxillar growth
    (d) TMJ
    (e) facial profile
    · Anchorage problems
    · Complications
    · Treatment indications
    · Early / late treatment
    · Treatment of adults
    · Stability and relapse


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