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  • Fri

    Concepts and Controversies in Contemporary Orthodontics

    Aphrodite Hills and Resort

    Speakers: Dr. Edward Ellis, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Monica Palmers, Orthodontist Dr.Michelle Giaretta, Orthodontist

    We would like to invite you to the Seminar that the Cyprus Orthodontic Society is organizing which will take place on the 7th and 8th of March 2008 at the Aphrodite Hills and Resort, Intercontinental Hotel, in Paphos, Cyprus.

    The Title of the Seminar is ''Adult Orthodontics, Esthetics and Orthognathic Surgery'' and the speakers are Dr. Edward Ellis, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Monica Palmers, Orthodontist Dr.Michelle Giaretta, Orthodontist

    The cost of the Seminar is €170.-for the members of MOIP and €300.- for non members. For your registration you should contact:

    1. Yiannos Chadjiprokopis at 00357 22 318331 2. Christoula Constantinidou at 00357 25 735050

    The Hotel offered us very good prices for anyone who wants to spend a few days there and for your further information about the hotel please click here.

    Scientific Program

    Friday 07.03.2008

    09:00-10:00 Treatment Planning Based Upon Esthetics Edward Ellis

    10:00-11:00 Treatment planning for aesthetic rather than mathematical parameters Monica Palmer

    11:00-11:15  Coffee Break

    11:15-12:15 Facial Asymmetries Edward Ellis

    12:15-13:00 Detailed treatment planning in Class II Cases for aesthetic parameters Monica Palmer

    13:00-13:15 Discussion

    13:15-14:30 Lunch Break

    14:30-16:00 Treatment Planning Using Computer Software Edward Ellis

    16:00-16:15 Coffee Break

    16:15-17:00 Detailed Treatment planning for aesthetic parameters in Class III Cases Monica Palmer

    17:00-17:45 The Sagittal Ramus Osteotomy: Technique and Fixation Considerations Edward Ellis

    17:45-18:00  Discussion


    Scientific Program

    Saturday 08.03.2008

    09:00-10:00 Distraction Osteogenesis vs Orthognathic Surgery Edward Ellis

    10:00-10:45 Controversial Issues in Class II Cases Mandibular Advancement vs Mandibular Lengthening (Distraction). Monica Palmer.

    10:45-11:00  Coffee Break.

    11:00-12:00 Prevention of Errors in Bimaxillary Surgery Edward Ellis.

    12:00-13:00 Controversial issues in orthognathic surgery particularly in the transverse & vertical dimensions. Monica Palmer.

    13:00-13:15 Discussion.

    13:15-14:30  Lunch Break.

    14:30-15:30  Esthetic Considerations in the Orthodontic Treatment of Adults Surgical-Non Surgical Border Line Cases. Michelle Giaretta

    15:30-16:15  "To Cut or Not to Cut" That is Which Option to Choose. Monica Palmer

     16:15-17:00 Biological Factors Related with Relapse in Orthognathic Surgery Edward Ellis

    17:00-17:15  Coffee Break

    17:15-18:00  Errors in orthognathic surgery, how and why they happen and how to try to avoid them.  Monica Palmer.

     18:00-18:15 Discussion

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