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  • Fri

    Seminar by: Bernhart Schwaninger

    9.00-13.00Le Meridien Spa and Resort-Limassol

    Speaker: Bernhard Schwaninger dent., D.D.S., Med
    Furrengasse 2
    CH-6004 Luzerne

    Dr. Schwaninger received his degrees in Dentistry and Orthodontics from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. He also holds a dental degree from the Louisiana State University, School of Dentistry in New Orleans (LSUMC) and a Master in Education (MEd) degree from the University of New Orleans. From 1974 through 1985 he was a full-time orthodontic Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at LSUMC.
    Since 1985 he has maintained a private orthodontic practice in Lucerne, Switzerland and is teaching annually in the Orthodontic Department of LSUMC as a clinical professor.
    He is married to Nancy Schwaninger, they have two adult children.



    Title of Presentation: 20 Years Private Practice: A Critical Review.
    Concepts that are still effective after 20 years and others that required change.

    The Topics of his presentation will include:

    Phase 1 / Phase 2 Class II Treatment
    A dying Concept?

    The Open Bite Challenge

    Maxillary Canine Impaction: There is Hope!

    Maxillary Expansion in the adolescent: The "Gold Standard" for treating Maxillary Crowding?

    Lower Incisor Crowding in the Permanent Dentition:
    To treat or not to treat?

    Orthodontic Treatment in the Adult Patient to improve
    Esthetics and Facilitate Comprehensive Dental Care.

    Early Class III Treatment: Is it Worth the Effort

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